20th Anniversary State Preliminaries

Below you will find a list of all the official Kentucky Festival state preliminaries. You will find over lots of chances to represent an area in the commonwealth at the upcoming state finals this fall in Lexington. Join hundreds who have experienced this in the past - become a part of our pageant family celebrating 18 years! Just click on the event to find out more, contact the director, or enter online. Or if your local festival or fair is interested in becoming a preliminary, please click the "Become a festival member" link to the left. We hope to see you this fall. Who knows - You could be our newest royalty !


Blessed Wishes

Dianne Turner

Kentucky Festival State Director

Below the KFPA list of pageants you will find dozens of other Festival State Preliminaries. Please contact those directors for further information. These are wonderful events and directors - and a part of the Kentucky Festival State Wide pageant family.